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Où se situe Atlanta?

Where is Atlanta you ask? The city is based on the Eastern Continental Divide which runs across the downtown section of the main metropolitan area. Lying across 132 square miles, the city lies across the top of a ridge in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. This is located to the south of the Chattahoochee River and the city is elevated 1,000 feet approximately above sea level.

Atlanta is encompassed by Interstate 285 which is also called the Perimeter. The suburbs and exurbs are usually called OTP, or ‘outside of the Perimeter.’ A small section of the city also extends to the east into DeKalb County and currently it ranks 9th in the US based on population. If you wish to travel there then the Atlanta International Airport, which is ranked one of the best airports in the state, will welcome you and the fresh air, courtesy of the dense tree coverage, will make you feel alive again. In fact, 36% of the city is so covered by trees that Atlanta is often referred to as the city in a forest.
As of 2010, the city is considered the 7th best tourist destinations in the US with over 35 million visits per year.

The Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest indoor aquarium, is a must visit and so are the museums which are almost innumerable in their numbers. In fact, the city’s tourism industry is mostly driven by them as well as the plethora of outdoor attractions available to visitors and locals alike.The Martin Luther King Jr. Historical site, which contains the childhood home of the revered icon and also serves as his final resting place, is a major attraction here. Similarly, the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum houses a number of paintings and boasts a central audience platform which depicts the Battle of Atlanta. Beverage buffs would enjoy a trip to the World of Coca Cola which details the history of the iconic drink as well as its advertising.

For a lesson in history, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights should also be a stop on your tour. The museum has artifacts dating back to the American Civil Rights Movement and which also explores its link to the existing human rights movements across the globe. Where is Atlanta’s famous museum? You can find it in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.
Before planning a trip to this historic city, it would be best to book accommodations that you can come back to after a day touring.

Parc olympique du Centenaire

Parc olympique du Centenaire

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Aquarium de Georgie

Aquarium de Géorgie

Atlanta est l'une des villes les plus populaires à visiter aux États-Unis, car il a tellement d'attractions différentes à offrir. L'un d'eux est l'Aquarium de Géorgie, qui a obtenu plus de 500 espèces différentes d'animaux marins du monde ...

Atlanta Zoo

Atlanta Zoo

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Haut Musee d Art

Haut Musée d'Art

Si vous êtes un amateur d'art et que vous visitez Atlanta, vous devriez vérifier le High Museum of Art. Il a une collection massive d'art moderne et d'architecture de noms renommés. Il y a beaucoup d'attractions au High Museum of Art, qui est ...

Zone de loisirs nationale de la riviere Chattahoochee

Zone de loisirs nationale de la rivière Chattahoochee

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Theatre Fox

Théâtre Fox

S'il y a une chose que vous devez absolument faire est de planifier une visite à Fox Theater. Le magnifique bâtiment a été construit en 1928, et est extrêmement populaire parmi les touristes qui visitent Atlanta aujourd'hui. c'est un monument ...