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Où se situe Czech Republic?

Where is the Czech Republic? It is located in Central Europe and shares a border with Germany to the north west and Poland to the north east. Slovakia joins it at the south east and Austria borders it on the south side. All in all, the country encompasses about 49,000 square miles of land but most of it is covered by large, rolling hills and some mountainous regions. The borders on the other hand total about 1,159 miles of land and the country has no coastline to speak of. There are many places to visit in the Czech Republic in the three primary regions that make up the country.

There are the Czech lands located in the west, Moravia which is located in the south east and Silesia is based in the north east side of the country. However, it is the capital, Prague, which is one of the most visited places there due to its cultural and historical significance besides Ostrava and Brno. If you are in search of beautiful places to visit in the Czech Republic then you will not be disappointed with the Bohemian Massif. The mountain range dominates most of the landscape and is a whopping 900 meters or 3,000 feet in height and also encompasses the Bohemian Plateau.

The main rivers in the Czech Republic are the Vltava and the Elbe which are also tourist attractions in their own right. It is little wonder how the Czech Republic became such a major tourist attraction in Europe. The capital also offers an exciting nightlife and is particularly popular with visitors who are vacationing on a strict budget. The numerous bars and clubs are located in close proximity to one another and close their doors quite late at night and in the early hours of the morning sometimes to keep their patrons happy.

The countryside offers prime skiing spots during the winter besides hiking opportunities in protected areas such as Bohemian Paradise, Karst, Sumava National Park and the Jeseniky Mountains to name a few. Visitors can find several ski resorts in the north east and west of the country but the most popular ones are located in the Krkonose Mountains. This includes the tourist centre, Harrachov. So, where is the Czech Republic in your travel plans this year? As you can probably guess by now the best time to visit is during the winters if you are a skiing enthusiast. However, the country does not lose its charm in the summers either.