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Où se situe Firenze?

Florence is one of those places which most people have heard of but if you asked them ‘Where is Florence’ they wouldn’t be able to tell you. Florence is in Italy, and is a popular country with tourists. It is still the capital of the Tuscany region of Italy (Rome is the capital of Italy). It is located in the province of Florence. It has a population of around 380,000 people and covers an area of 102.41 km2.

It has a rich history filled with arts, culture, and beautiful architecture which makes it a beautiful place to visit. It is considered very important in the fashion world, and is considered amongst the fashion capitals of the world. Millions of tourists visit Florence every year and it has also been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.
Where is Florence geographically?

Florence is within the Tuscany region, and is in the northern central part of Italy. The city is made more beautiful by the mountains which surround it. The Alpi Apuane and Appenine Mountains ranges are nearby and visible from parts of the city. The city is highly affected culturally by the river which flows though it’ The Arno River has played an important part in the history of Florence. There are also two other smaller rivers beside the Arno called Affrico and Mugnone. Geographically Florence is in a basin, the basin in question is formed by many hills. Some of the hills are Bellosguardo , Careggi, Arcetri, Settignano, Poggio Imperiale and Fiesole.

Florence is a very popular tourist destination, and for good reason. During the time of summer vacations there are more tourists in the city than local inhabitants. The reasons include fantastic museums such as the Accademia and the Uffizi. Museums aren’t the only great thing here though, as you will have a hard time getting entry to the basilicas of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce in the popular tourism months. The city regularly makes it to the top of favorite places of tourists lists. It is also very popular with art aficionados, as the city is known to have the highest concentration of art, when compared with the rest of the world.

Art isn’t the only attraction though, Florence also boasts a very active food and wine scene. Some of the world’s best wines are made here, and Italian cuisine is already famous all over the world.