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कहाँ है Ghana?

Where is Ghana? Bordered by Burkina Faso to the north and Togo in the east; its borders sliding into the Ivory Coast in the west, and plunging into the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea in the south, the Republic of “Warrior King” is a country in the sub-region of West Africa.

Where is Ghana in history? Currently a magnetic destination for tourists, Ghana’s history is dotted with colonial contests by numerous European powers, each seeking trading rights for slaves. Ghana’s current borders were established in 1900 as the British Gold Coast, which eventually led to the declaration of its independence in 1957.
A booming tourist hub, you will find a diverse range of places to visit in Ghana.

Cape Coast Castle
Ghana’s Atlantic Coastline is dotted with forts dating back to the 17th century by different, competing colonial powers. The Cape Coast Castle, however, is the most impressive of these forts, both because of its expansiveness and because it was successively expanded and used by the Dutch, Swedes, and finally, the British. Don’t forget to pass through the “door of no return” and the dungeons!

Accra, Ghana's Capital
Imagine an emerging metropolis, a sprawling city of over 2 million residents. Now imagine a clash of modern architecture with the possessive history of the land under. That’s Accra, the capital of Ghana. It’s a mix of modern busy life and lively markets centered around the Makola Market, and shanty towns dotted with forts.

Lake Volta
Set the sights and take a ride across the largest man-made lake in the world with Yapei Queen, a passenger boat that regularly runs the entire length of the lake between the North Yeji and the South Akosombo. It is one of the places to visit in Ghana.

St George's Castle in Elmina
Picturesque and serene in its own right, the fishing town of Elmina off the Cape Coast is home the stark white-washed beauty of St George’s Castle, one of Ghana’s biggest attractions. Originally built by the Portuguese, the Castle is another historic building that changed hands with multiple colonial powers.

Kakum National Park
Alive with the busy lifestyle of its inhabitants, the Kakum tropical rainforest brings 40 species of mammals and over 250 species of exotic birds. The highlight of any visit is the stroll across long bridges called the Canopy Walkway, creating a unique viewing perspective and an amazing experience.

Things to do in Accra

Things to do in Accra

The intense heat of Accra can often give visitors a much-needed push to head out toward the beach. With miles of tropical beaches dotted with national parks and historic forts, the west coast of Ghana is becoming ever more popular with tourists fr ...

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Situated peacefully on the southern coast of South Ghana, Elmina is a beautiful town and also the capital of the Komenda/Edina/Eguafo/Abirem District. The town is approximately 12 kilometers to the west of Cape Coast. It boasts a rich history that ...

कापे कोस्ट में करने के लिए चीजें

Located on the south of the Gulf of Guinea, Cape Coast also known as the Cabo Corso is a fishing port and city in the Central Region of South Ghana. It’s has an exciting topography mostly dominated by batholith rock and undulated with steep slopes ...

वा ईस्ट में करने के लिए चीजें

When in Ghana, don’t forget to visit the Wa East region. The Wa East District is the Upper West Region and one of the 9 districts of northern Ghana. The capital of the Wa East District is Funsi. It is a small town located close to cities like Bati ...

अकोसोम्बो में करने के लिए चीज़ें

Resting peacefully in the south of Ghana, Akosombo is small town situated in the east region of Asuogyaman District. Despite of being small is size; there is a lot that this town has to offer to locals and tourists alike. The people here are extre ...