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कहाँ है Monaco?

Where is Monaco? The city is located in Western Europe in the French Riviera and shares a border with France on three sides and one side with the Mediterranean Sea. It is more or less 16 km from Italy and lies just 13 km from Nice, France. The coastline stretches to an impressive 4.1 km and it has a maritime claim of 22 km. The highest point of Monaco is the Patio Palace which lies 164.4 meters above sea level. The lowest point is the Mediterranean Sea while Saint Jean is the largest flowing body of water (0.12 miles long).

No trip to Monaco is complete without a trip to the famed Monte Carlo, especially if you love to gamble. The Monte Carlo Casino and Opera house has an age restriction (18 and over) but that has not deterred mature tourists from visiting it ever since it was set up. The two ports that merit a visit here are the Hercules and Post Fontvielle. The city has a dominantly urban population and it gets most of its natural resources from fishing.

Where Monaco is also has a lot to do with when you should visit it to ensure a comfortable stay. The city enjoys mild weather throughout the year and the hottest months are August and July. If you prefer cooler weather, then best pick January and February for your vacations. Rainfall is common during the cooler months during the winter and only 60 days each year. Best pack lightweight clothes with a light wrap for cool summer evenings if you wish to travel in the Summer.
One of the most prominent features of Monaco is Monaco-Ville, a rocky peninsula which makes up the coast. Besides an impressive Romanesque cathedral, the promontory boasts the Palace which the age old and wealthy Grimmauldi family calls home.

Monte Carlo is the main business and entertainment hub due to the plethora of casinos there while Fontvielle makes up most of the residential area. The former can be a bit stuffy during the summer months but if you want to attend the amazing Summer Festival then you can brave it without much discomfort. If you don’t like large crowds, then you can always visit during the calmer Spring and Winter months when the streets are quieter. Where is Monaco? At your next tourist destination if you are in search of a location that is fun to visit and offers a range of gambling options.

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