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Where is Afghanistan?

People often wonder where is Afghanistan. Landlocked between six countries, situated in South and Central Asia, it shares a border with Pakistan in the south, Iran in the west, China in northeast and snuggles against Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north. If you are looking for places to visit in Afghanistan, Kabul will make a great start. With fancy restaurants, busy bazaars, and modern buildings, Kabul is on its road to resurgence from the civil war. Head over to Kabul Museum which was once one of the best museums in the world, with artifacts ranging from Hellenistic gold coins, Buddhist statues and bronze excavations from the ancient Islamic civilization.

Though most was lost and looted during the wars, there still remains an amazing collection to serve the tourists. Bala Hissar and City Walls are the next great places to visit in Afghanistan as you enter the realm of old royal power and appreciate the 19th century citadel that stands as proud as ever. The ancient city walls sneak out from its towers and span along the mountain ridges. This makes for a spectacular walk where you are high above the city, drinking in the gorgeous views of the capital. You are truly left spellbound.

Head over to Afghanistan’s oldest place, the town of Balkh. You would be surprised to know that Zoroaster, who laid the foundations of the oldest religion “Zoroastrianism”, was born in this town in 6th century BC. This area has seen the likes of Alexander the Great, the Arabs and Genghis Khan and has now developed into more than just a little village.
Consider visiting Heart, Afghanistan’s most fought over city, famed for its arts and learning. One of the magnificent architecture of Islamic buildings, Friday Mosque, is located in Heart and still possesses great grandeur.
The next place to check out is Bamiyan, a place for Buddhist pilgrimage. Bamiyan Valley is a must-visit for any tourist as it is one of the most beautiful places of Afghanistan. A medieval Buddhist niche, Bamiyan was once an important hub on the Silk Road and still attracts visitors by hosting Bamiyan Silk Road Festival.

Resilient and on the road to recovery is where is Afghanistan, a beautiful forgotten place that still has its charm to offer to the world. Afghanistan may have been ravaged from the many wars fought over the country, but its beauty continues to sprout. Also, tourism is rising in Afghanistan with tour operators offering exciting packages to adventurous travelers.