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Where is Åland Islands?

Situated in the heart of Scandinavia, Åland Islands are an autonomous, Swedish-speaking region of Finland. Spreading over an area of almost 1,580 kilometers, Åland Islands make the smallest region of Finland, constituting only 0.5 percent of the country’s population.

Where is Åland Islands? Åland Islands are a patch of around 6,500 islands located halfway between Sweden and Turku Archipelago of Finland at the Gulf of Bothnia. Many of the islands are merely rocks rising slightly above the sea level. Only about 300 islands are habitable but only eighty are currently inhabited. 90 percent of the population lives on Fasta Åland – a region which is home to the capital of Åland Islands, Mariehamn.

Åland Islands are a popular tourist attraction for several distinct reasons, such as its colorful garlands, midsummer sight of maypoles, and great weather. The tourism industry experiences a boom every year in the summers as Åland Islands receive plenty of sunshine between May and August.

There is a score of places to visit in Åland Islands. Begin your journey with Mariehamn – the capital of Åland Islands. Once you’ve spent enough time exploring Mariehamn, you should take the archipelago ferry to Kokar – an isolated island which is home to about 250 residents only. Don’t forget to visit Åland Maritime Museum and Eckero Mail and Customs House to learn more about the history and culture of this place.

Kobba Klintar is another place that you should visit if you’re looking for a peaceful place that offers fantastic views. Get a taxiboat from the local fishing harbor to reach this old pilot station. Sit in the café to enjoy the cool panorama view or go on a walk down the coast to Korrvik.

Aland Islands have smooth roads, which offer great touring opportunities for bikers. You can bring your bikes on a ferry or rent one in Mariehamn. Either ways, you are sure to enjoy sightseeing as your tour on your bike. If you’re an outdoor sports lover, you’re sure to enjoy your trip to Aland Islands. The place has three 18-hole golf courses. There is a lush green golf course located next to Kastelholm Castle. You may also consider taking a ferry to reach Eckero Golf – a golf course located in the western part of Aland Islands.

To fully understand where is Åland Islands and best places to visit in Åland Islands, it is imperative that you plan a visit to this place and get firsthand experience of exploring its natural wonders.