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Where is Albania?

Officially known as the Republic of Albania, Albania is a country located in southeastern Europe. If you want to know where is Albania exactly, it is 72 km away from Italy across the Strait of Otranto. It shares a border with Montenegro in the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, Macedonia Republic in the east and is flanked by Greece in the south and southeastern end. Albania has two sea coasts of the Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea on its west southwest.

There is such abundance of natural beauty in Albania that you will wonder why you never decided to travel here before. Once in this locality, you will have an array of options on places to visit in Albania. Head over to Albania’s largest museum “National History Museum” that holds the country’s most ancient treasures. Also on display are works of Onufri, a famous 16th century Albanian artist. If you are looking forward to enjoying the perfect weather, look no further than Albanian Riviera and kick back on the sun-kissed beach. Wedged between the towns of Saranda and Vlore, the coast of Albanian Riviera hugs the Ionian Sea. Enjoy the local specialty drinks and expertly cooked seafood Albania is so famous for, while you relax in the tranquility of the Mediterranean.

Add Accursed Mountains in your list of places to visit in Albania. Albania’s most delightful scenery can be witnessed from here and it offers a hike between Valbona and Theth, with duration of roughly six hours. With a decently marked trail, you do not need to hire a guide and can walk along the spectacular path admiring the breathtaking surroundings on your own.
Towards the southern coast of Albania, approximately 22 km east of Saranda is the spellbinding pool of deep blue water lined by electric blue ridges and appears to be just like the iris of an eye. It is a great spot for swimming to beat the summer heat and is shrouded by great oak trees that add to the refreshing aura of the place. The view is almost mystical and the water will draw you in even if you are not into swimming.

Now that you know where is Albania and the mesmerizing attractions it offers to the tourists, you might want to include the country in your travel destinations as a place you must visit. The countryside is brimming with alluring spots that will keep you enthralled and fascinated as you check out one place after the other, with each site being more beautiful than the previous one.