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Where is Algeria?

Where is Algeria geographically? Nestled on the Mediterranean coast, spanning over an area of 2,381, 741 sq km, Algeria is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture, located in North Africa. Algiers is not just the most populous city in Algeria but also the capital. It is situated in the far north of the country. Algeria’s large coverage area makes it the world’s 10th largest country and the largest one in Africa.

It is bordered by Tunisia which is located to its north east, while Libya forms its eastern border. Morocco is situated to the west of the country and places like Mauritania, Mali and Western Sahara are located on the southern west of Algeria. The north of Algeria is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the southern east is bordered by Niger.

Where is Algeria in terms of history and economy? Algeria boasts a rich historical heritage. In fact, ancient Algeria is famously known for its several dynasties and empires which include Numidians, Romans, Carthaginians, Vandals, Byzantines, Abbasids, Umayyads, Rustamid, Aghlabid, Fatimids, Almohads, Phoenicians, Ottomans, Berbers, Idrisid, Hammadidis, and the colonial empire. And this is exactly why today’s Algeria has an astonishing cultural diversity, encompassing a mix of inhabitants such as Arabs, Black Africans and Turks. The country preserves its history and culture in the form of numerous historic and ancient attractions, and because of that, UNESCO has honored Algeria with the status of a World Heritage Site.

Besides this, Algeria also has a strong and growing economy. It has the 9th largest natural gas reserve worldwide, and the 2nd largest oil reserves in Africa. Simply put, Algeria’s energy exports form the backbone of its economy. Another industry that strongly contributes to the country’s economy is its tourism. From historic landmarks and natural sites to tranquil fishing spots and dramatic Hoggar Mountains and the Sahara Desert, Algeria has an enticing blend of landscapes, traditions, adventure, fun and culture waiting for travelers to indulge in and explore.

When it comes to places to visit in Algeria, there are many. However, some of the most popular and tourist favorite places to visit in Algeria are Casbah in Algiers, the Sahara Desert, Ben Aknoun Zoo, Algerian Beaches and Tipaza.
For those who love history, Casbah and Tipaza are must-visit places. Tipaza is an ancient town best known as the home to historic ruins from the Roman times. Here, you can find plenty of heritage sites and buildings constructed in Roman architectural style. On the other hand, Casbah is the citadel comprising of mosques, houses and palaces dating back from the Ottaman period.

However, for those who love fun and adventure, places like the Sahara Desert and Tassili N'Ajjer are perfect. You can go dune skiing in the Sahara desert or hike around the Tassili N’Ajjer which is a huge volcanic plateau containing a wide collection of rupestrian paintings that date back to the neolitic age.