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Where is Amsterdam?

So, where is Amsterdam really located and what is it about the city that earns it the title of being one of the most romantic and beautiful places on earth? A question that often comes to our mind every time we plan for our next tourism spot.
To answer the first question of where is Amsterdam located, it is in the Province of North Holland in the west of Netherlands and has a total population of about 832,563. It is the capital and also the most populous city in the kingdom of Netherlands.

It is one of those rare, small yet great cities of the world that are famously known for their world-class museums canal cruises and historical sites. The city derives its name from Amstelredamme, indicating the origin of the city as a dam built on the River Amstel. It is also the commercial and cultural capital of Netherlands. It is considered to be an “Alpha world City” according to Globalization and world Cities study group (GaWC).

Geographically speaking, the city is located 2 km below sea level with its surrounding land flat due to formation of large polders. Amsterdam is connected though the North Sea Canal to the North Sea and spans a total land area of 219.4 km². There are approximately 4,000 residents per km² and 2,000 houses per each km². It is recognized as one of the most well planned cities of Northern Europe since it was the center of the world economy in the 17th century and is now famous for its tolerant and diverse character. Amsterdam welcomes tourists all round the year with its oceanic climate influenced strongly by its proximity to the North Sea with westerly winds. Both winters and summers are mild, although in some areas winters may get really cold making it impossible to step outside houses let alone travel.

Now to answer what makes Amsterdam a must-place to visit. It is places like the Amsterdam Canal ring, also labeled as the ‘Venice’ of North, Rijksmuseum, the most attractive and also the largest museum in all of Netherlands overcrowded with tourists every day, Het Scheepvaart Museum – The National Maritime Museum portraying the history of Netherlands win artistic form, Oude Kerk, recognized as the heart of the Red Light district, the house that Anne Frank and her family took refuge in, Amsterdam Browne Café, and many more delightful places which make Amsterdam heaven on Earth.
To observe these beautiful sights, all one needs to do is stroll along the canal streets or sit in any one of Amsterdam cafes. Nevertheless, it is a place not to be missed.