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Where is Anguilla?

What do you see when you imagine a perfect beach? White sand, clear turquoise waters, a small crowd, gentle sea breeze whispering in your ear and you lounging under a palm tree. To add finer details, add a cold cocktail in your hand and an umbrella over your head. Welcome to Anguilla—your dream turned reality. A British territory in the Caribbean towards the east of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands is where is Anguilla.

There are many premium places to visit in Anguilla as you land on this eel-shaped land. If you are travelling to Anguilla by boat, Blowing Point will be the first settlement you will encounter. This small village has a grocery store and comfortable places to stay as you prepare for your journey ahead. Chase the sunrise in a hot air balloon! You heard that right. Book a Yarra Valley Balloon Flight and you will have an approximately one hour flight that you will cherish forever. Let the winds guide you through vineyards and grapevines over the exotic Yarra Valley bursting with nature and life. Ballooning over the valley is a magnificent way to take in all of the scenic beauty the valley has to offer.

After the ride, you have the option to include a breakfast of your choice to the tour so you can couple the exhilarating flight with a delectable breakfast and that is one great way to kick-start your day. For those afraid to snorkel, there is one other way to enjoy the breathtaking underwater scenery. Go on board the Seaworld Explorer! You can enjoy the diverse schools of fish in the St. Martin’s marine from the comfort of an underwater cruise observatory. Eels, sea turtles, barracudas and stingrays are some the creatures you will get to see in action as the diver hand-feeds them. No snorkeling gear required and you do not need to dive in either, yet you get to enjoy the delightful views just the same. Just keep your camera with you and record these moments that happen once in a lifetime.

Plan a trip to Anguilla now and make a list of these places to visit in Anguilla. If anyone asks where is Anguilla, it is dream beach in the Caribbean that offers exciting water activities for everyone. Dine by the roadside restaurants, go sailing, ballooning or exploring the underwater wildlife—whatever is on the agenda, and be prepared to have the most exciting vacation of your life as you whisk away off to the Caribbean!