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Where is Antarctica?

Layered in ice in the southernmost region of the planet is where is Antarctica. It is home to the Earth’s geographic South Pole and is also the driest and windiest continent. It is also uninhabitable, but yet, it draws tourists from all over the globe. Even though it is the coldest and most highly elevated place on Earth, there are fantastic places to visit in Antarctica once you have gathered up the courage for a tour here.

There is beauty even in the most remote of places. This statement holds true for this continent. Head over to the Antarctic Peninsula, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Enjoy the variety in scenery and wildlife along with the islands as you explore the area.

Life is not still in Antarctica contrary to popular belief. If wildlife does not keep you awed here, look up to see the majestic jagged mountain peaks laden with glaciers flowing into the sea or spilling out in mid air. Huge open skies are a sight found only in Antarctica. With clouds hovering low and temperatures in a constant flux, there is hardly a boring moment here. Check out Lemaire Channel, one of the most breathtaking spots in the peninsula. Huge cliffs drop straight into the sea and the place will make you want to take panoramic shots of the landscape without doing it justice.

If you are looking for more places to check in Antarctica, head over to Paradise Harbor. Also known as Paradise Bay, it is one of the most visited areas. The tranquility that is emanated from the reflected icebergs and glaciers is what the island is named after. You might even see whales swimming about if you are lucky enough.

From the many areas to visit in Antarctica, South Georgia makes a magnificent location to spend some time at. It has one of the greatest habitation of wildlife which makes it a must visit. With stunning scenery and an interesting history, South Georgia is where the party is at in Antarctica with seals, penguins and ducks swarming the area.

Shrouded by great glaciers, covered in blankets of snow is where is Antarctica. It is home to a large assortment of wildlife and together with the magnificent mountains of ice and cliffs looking into the sea, Antarctica is a breathtaking place that spellbinds all who visit. There are South Shetland Islands and Falkland Islands in the way as you go cruising through Antarctica and you are in for constant surprises in this wilderness in the south.