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Where is Bahamas?

Where is the Bahamas? The island country lies on the north side of Cuba and Hispaniola and north wrest from Caicos Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It is part of the Lucayan Archipelago and comprises of more than 700 islands, islets, and cays in said Ocean. The capital is Nassau which is located on New Providence Island.

The Bahamas can either be called a country, or a large chain of islands that it shares with the Caico and the Turks islands. It spans 470,000 square kilometers of ocean making it a prime spot for a large number of tourists on an annual basis. However, rather than just searching ‘where is the Bahamas’, you can ensure a memorable trip to its exotic islands by searching ‘events to see’ and ‘places to visit in the Bahamas.’

Once such event is the Junkanoo, an annual street parade held on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Groups of revelers rush through the crowds wearing self made costumes of crepe paper and playing the local Junkanoo music which is a combination of African music infused by cowbells and loud brass. The noise can turn into a cacophony but visitors cannot help but be caught up in it. You can even pick up discarded costumes from the street if you wish for an unforgettable souvenir.

The northern islands in the Bahamas are subtropical and have a climate that is quite similar to South Florida’s so expect rains and hot weather during the summer season. Winters are drier but not as cold with average temperatures falling to the 60s at most but it can drop into the 40s on occasion. The southern islands of the Bahamas on the other hand experience a more tropical climate and remain warm throughout the year. So if you don’t like the cold, then planning a visit to the southern islands will be a good idea.

The archipelagos of the Bahamas were actually the topside of banks which came into existence about 90,000 years ago with the formation of the coral reef. The renowned pink sand beaches which the islands are famous for got their hue from broken seashells which combined with sand.

The area has a diverse wildlife and marine life. Several species of crabs call the island their home such as the hermit and the Cardisoma Guanhumi which can be found crawling across the sandy beaches. Besides these, visitors can also spot the magnificent wild horses of Abaco stampeding across the sands. So where is the Bahamas in your travel plans this year? You will never run out of places to visit in the Bahamas that’s for sure.