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Where is Bangladesh?

Located between India and Myanmar, Bangladesh is riverine country with a long coastline of 580 kilometers on the northern side of the Bay of Bengal. The land which boasts the world’s longest beach and several other natural wonders has become one of the top-visited places in Asia over the past few years. So, do you want to learn more about Bangladesh and discover this Bengal tiger territory? If yes, continue reading this article which provides you valuable information on where is Bangladesh and which places should you explore during your visit to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, a country located in South Asia, has two distinctive regions: a deltaic plain which is subjected to heavy monsoon rains every year and is prone to flooding and a hilly region with swiftly flowing rivers. The country shares its borders with India and Myanmar and has a typical tropical monsoon climate. If you want to experience the vibrant culture, panoramic natural beauty, and historical landscapes of the country, then you should consider visiting Bangladesh this year.

The government of Bangladesh has announced 2016 as the ‘Visit Bangladesh Year’ and has made several arrangements to welcome tourists. So, you must take advantage of this opportunity and plan a holiday to explore the best places to visit in Bangladesh this year.There is a plenty of places to visit in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar tops our list of Bangladesh’s main attractions. The world’s longest beach is the most visited place of Bangladesh. Because of its warm, shark-free water, the beach is always crowded with tourists who come here to enjoy swimming, cycling, and sunbathing.

Bangladesh gets the name ‘Bengal Tiger Territory’ because of the world’s largest mangrove forest, Sundarban. The place is home to about 400 royal Bengal tigers and several other exquisite animal species. Take a boat to experience the natural beauty of canals and rivers. Who knows you might get the rare opportunity to see a Bengal tiger in its natural habitat.
Enjoy serenity away from the chaos of city at Bangladesh’s highest hill resort, Nilgiri. The hill resort which is maintained by the Bangladesh Army offers you a chance to see cloud kissing the peak of the hills. The place also offers a wonderful, clear view of the Sangu River. So, now that you know where is Bangladesh, it’s time you pack your bags and get ready to enjoy the unique experience of exploring the land of tigers and tea fields.