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Where is Bayonne?

Bayonne is a city located in the Aquitaine region in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, which is in southwestern France. Although Bayonne is a city, the relaxed and stress-free ambiance makes it look more like a town than a city. Once you know where is Bayonne, you will want to visit the place again and again to enjoy its beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.
Bayonne is located about 6 km from the Atlantic coast at the confluence of Adour and Nive rivers in the southern part of Gascony where the Aquitaine basin meets with the Pre-Pyrenees. A stroll along the rivers that separates two main regions in the city - Petit Bayonne & Grand Bayonne - feels both pleasing and relaxing.

Located in close proximity to Spain (about 30 km. away), it is surrounded by strong fortifications that is splashed in white and red paint. Some other ancient defenses of the city include the Château-Vieux, Porte d’Espagne, Château-Neuf, and the citadel. To the west of Bayonne is the beautiful seaside resort of Biarritz and the suburban sprawl of Anglet that are known for their glamorous beaches. The old town of the city has been perfectly preserved that along with the shoals of the riverside is delightful to explore.

Architecture of the city reflects a mixture of French and Basque style. For those who don't know, Basque are indigenous group of people in France - like the Celts in England - who traditionally inhabited an area known as Basque country located at the western end of Pyrenees on the coast of Bay of Biscay. You can indulge in delicious and exotic Basque cuisines in one of the many restaurants located in Bayonne such as Restaurant Auberge du Cheval Blanc 1 étoile, Restaurant Auberge du petit bayonne, Restaurant Bar Basque, and others.

There are a plethora of attractions that lures tourists from all around the world to frequent the city. The Basque Museum is a great place to know about the indigenous people of the city. Then there is the 11th century Old Castle that you can look at through the courtyard. The Town Hall of Bayonne is another interesting place to visit in Bayonne that has been built in neoclassical style in 1843. Today, it houses a theatre and also a cafe located in the square in front of the building. Apart from these, there are various other tourist hotspots located in the city. It is important that you know where is Bayonne so that you can make this attractive place your next travel destination.