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Where is Benin?

A lot of people ask where is Benin? It is a country in West Africa that shares its borders with Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, and Togo. The country has a rich history as it was initially under the Portuguese, back in the 5th century, and after them came the British, French, and Dutch. The country had a total area of 112,620 square kilometers, whereas the total population consists of more than 60 ethnic groups that include Aja, Bariba Fon, Fulbe, Somba, and Yoruba. The two dominant religions that are followed in the country are Christianity and Islam.

Benin experiences two rainy seasons from April till July, and from September to October. There are two main regions in the country, namely the Southern Benin, which consists of the coastline, and the Northern Benin, which consists of arid landscapes. The main cities of the country are Abomey, Cotonou, Grand Popo, Kétou, Malanville, Natitingou, Parakou, and Porto-Novo. Now that you know where is Benin, you should learn how to get to the place. You can catch a flight as there is an international airport at Cotonou. Other popular means of transport include train, car, bus, bush taxi, train, and moto.

Some of the places to visit in Benin include the Abomey museum, which is 100 km away from Porto Novo, and exhibits a throne that is made from human skulls. Other than this, you can pay a visit to the Fetish Temple and the Centre Artisanal. Boukombe and Cotonou are also famous markets that you can visit. Other must visit places include Ganvie, Ouidah, and Porto Novo. Some of the activities that you can enjoy include sailing at the Yacht club in Cotonou, canoeing in Nakoue Lagoon, and enjoying water sports at Ouidah and the Grand Popo. If you are fond of nature and wildlife, then you should visit the national parks as you will be able to see cheetahs, crocodiles, and hippos there.

Beninese cuisine is famous in Africa as it consists of delicious ingredients and exotic dishes that you must try out when in the region. Now that you know the location and the places to visit in Benin, it is recommended that you visit the place during next vacations as you will surely love it there!