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Where is Bhutan?

Where is Bhutan? Bhutan is a small country located in the Himalayas between China and India. Besides the eye catching natural scenery, most visitors are floored by the strong sense of tradition and culture that is inherent to the country and which sets it apart from its neighbors. It is also considered to be the only Vajrayana Buddhist nations in the world and offers the cleanest environment a tourist can hope for. This is actually the reason why this tiny nation is affectionately called ‘The Last Shangri-La’, and once you visit it, you will know what it means.

The country of Bhutan is quite unique when it comes to its culture and environment. The land is very fertile and it is not densely populated which is one of its charms as a tourist attraction. The weather is different in the north and the south and also varies from valley to valley according to elevation. It shares a border with Tibet in the north and is perpetually covered with snow there.

Some of the places to visit Bhutan which experience mild weather conditions lie in the western, eastern and central district. These include Bumthang, Thimphu, Paro, and Ha, among others. Winter typically lasts from November to March but nor in Punakha where the summers are hot and the winters are quite pleasant. However, the months of summer can be wetter than you are used to with small occasional showers in the evenings. Winter can be very dry but autumn and spring are quite pleasant.

The country holds several surprises for tourists such as a number of monasteries and locals who are welcoming and quite friendly. This is actually one of the first tourist destinations that placed more importance on Gross National Happiness than their Gross National Product! So you can imagine the experience you will have when you visit the many places to visit in Bhutan.

So where is Bhutan in your travel plans? Boasting snow capped peaks, preserved mountain ranges and primeval forests, architecture that emphasizes its unique bond with Buddhism, the country has everything a globetrotter would love. The mountains are resplendent with flowery bushes which are a joy to see on high altitude trekking trails. Such picture book landscapes can rarely be found elsewhere in the world, so if you want to spend your vacation budget wisely, planning a trip to Bhutan will be a good idea.