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Where is Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnia is an eponymous region that forms a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina located in Southeastern Europe in western Balkans. It is located towards the north of the country comprising around 80% of the area. The other eponymous region is Herzegovina that is situated towards the southern part of the country.

You should know where is Bosnia, as it will help you in travelling to other Balkan countries situated nearby. Bosnia shares borders with Croatia to the north and southwest, Serbia to the east, and Montenegro towards the southeast. Adriatic Sea is situated towards the south that forms part of 20 km coastline surrounding the city of Neum.

The capital city of the federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo, which is also the capital of an administrative entity known as Republika Srpska and the Sarajevo Canton. The country is mostly mountainous that encompasses the central Dinaric Alps. Towards the northeast is the Pannonian basin, which is a large basin located in East-Central Europe.

Tourism in Bosnia is mainly focused on the cultural and historical aspect of the country. Government investments in tourism in recent years have greatly improved the facilities offered to the tourists. The country is quickly building a reputation of a top class ski destination with areas such as Igman, Bjelasnica, and Jahorina attracting most of the tourists.

Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia, had won Foxnomad travel blog 's "Best City to Visit" competition in 2012, beating several hundred entries. The Bosnian town of Visoko is another great place to visit where you can view natural formations known as flatirons that mimic the Pyramids in Egypt. Another great town that attracts large number of visitors from abroad is the Neum.

This site located on the Adriatic coast has sandy beaches, steep hills and various hotels that are priced lower as compared to neighboring Croatia. The inland area also has untouched wilderness and rich archeological history. Other attractive areas in Bosnia include Mostar, Visegrad, Bihac, Jajce, Banja Lake, Prikedor, Kozara National Park, Tuzla, Perucica ancient forest and Sutjeska river canyon Old Mostar Bridge (Stari Most) and Mehmed Paša Sokolovi? Bridge in Višegrad have been listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Once you know where Bosnia is located and visit the place, you can experience memorable moments that you can capture in your camera and also in the mind to relive again and again from the comfort of your home.