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Where is Bouvet Island (Bouvetoya)?

Where is Bouvet Island? Previously spelled as Bouvetoya, the volcanic island is based in the South Atlantic Ocean and at the south end of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. It is also considered to be the most private island in the world since it lies a whopping 2,200 km from the southwest coast of South Africa. That is about 1400 miles, which might have made it the spot perfect for honeymooners and other couples, if not for the fact that the weather conditions don’t exactly allow it. In fact, the island is mostly frequented (and allowed to be frequented) by researchers and academics as we will see why.

The island has exposed cliffs to the north and the west which are as high as 500 meters and which experience the most waves due to persistent westerly winds. In fact, Bouvet Island is asymmetrical in shape because of this reason and the volcanic cone is preserved in the east and the south side of the island. One other notable feature is the bedrock beneath the island, which is about 1.4 million years old while the crust of the Earth beneath it is 4.5 million years old.

Bouvet Island is completely uninhabited, but due to its geographical significance, some attempts have been made to erect a meteorological station there. The weather is not ideal though since the island is right in the path of the Furious Fifties and experiences frequent storms across the year. The weather is almost always cloudy and temperatures can drop to 1°C.
There are not many places to visit in Bouvet Island since it is mostly a natural reserve and chances are you might be denied entry.

However, if you are interested in it as a tourist, you might be able to enter, but only in tow with a research expedition and that too if they allow you to join them. You will be allowed to join if you have a skill or an occupation that can aid them in their research. There are also some organizations that can help you plan a trip there for research purposes only, explore remote areas of the island, etc.

If you want to know where is Bouvet Island, then a map will serve you better due to its remote location. Places to visit in Bouvet Island are few and far between so you won’t have much luck there even if you ask people who visited it.