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Where is Bulgaria?

If you are wondering where is Bulgaria, then it is a country that is situated towards the west of the Black Sea. Bulgaria is surrounded by Serbia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, and the Republic of Macedonia. The terrain of the country consists of mountains, where the highest point is Musala, at an altitude of 2,925 m above sea level. The climate of the country can be classified as temperate because it has warm summers and cool winters. Bulgaria is considered a very exotic location due to its sunny beaches and beautiful churches, which is the reason why it receives so many tourists every year.

The history of the country dates back to the 7th century, when the Bulgars merged with the Slavs. For a long time, Bulgaria was dominated by the Byzantine and Bulgarian Empires, but the Ottoman Empire took charge in the 14th century. The country became independent in 1878, and most notable freedom fighters of the country are Rakovsky, Vassil Levski, and Hristo Botev.

The main regions of the country include Northwest Bulgaria, Southwest Bulgaria, Northern Thrace, Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, and the Central Northern Bulgaria. Now that you know where is Bulgaria, you should know how you will get to the place. The country has four main airports that are located in Bourgas, Plovdiv, Sofia, and Varna that cater to both international as well as local flights. Since the country has good infrastructure it has international trains that arrive from places like Vienna, Kiev, and Istanbul. Other popular means of transport include car, bus, and the boat.

Some of the places to visit in Bulgaria include Belogradchik Rocks, Boyana Church, Cherven Fortress, Etara, Koprivshtica, Nessebar, Perperikon, Rila Monastery, Seven Rila Lakes, and the Tsarevets. The country has beautiful mountains, so don’t forget to visit the Balkan Mountains, Rila Mountains, Pirin Mountains, and the Rhodope Mountains. Since there are so many mountains, hiking is a very popular activity. The best time to go hiking is during the summers because the weather is generally pleasant. On the other hand, winters are a great time to go ski trips.

When in Bulgaria, don’t forget to eat the local food, which includes the Baklava, Banitsa, Garash cake, Kyufte Sarma Musaka, Lyutenitsa toast, Shkembe chorba, Shopska salad, Snezhanka, and the Trushia. Now that you know the location and the places to visit in Bulgaria, you should definitely visit the place!