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Where is Burkina Faso?

A lot of people wonder where is Burkina Faso. It is a country located in West Africa that has Benin towards the south east, Côte d'Ivoire towards the south west, Mali towards the north, Niger towards the east, and Togo and Ghana towards the south. The country has a reputation of being the safest country in Africa, which is the reason why it receives so many tourists every year.

The country was claimed by the French back in 1896 but it gained its independence in 1960. The country was under the dictatorship of Blaise Compaoré for 27 years, from 1987 till 2014, which is the reason why it faced political turmoil and economic instability. The country is very diverse when it comes to ethnicity as it has over 60 groups that are divided into ethnic regions known as Bobo/Dioula, Gourmantché, Gourounsi, Lobi, Mossi, Peul/Fulani, Senoufo, and Touareg. The main regions of the country are Volta Delta, Black Volta Region, East Burkina Faso, and the North Burkina Faso, where the main cities are Banfora, Bobo-Dioulasso, Dédougou, Gaoua,Koudougou,Ouagadougou, and the Ouahigouya. Now that you know where is Burkina Faso, next up is how to get to the place. You can travel by plane as Air Burkina is the national carrier of the country. Other means of transport include the train, car, and bus.

Some the places to visit in Burkina Faso include the Ethnography Museum, Gorom Gorom Market, Grand Marche, Grande Mosquée, Kabore Tembi, Karfiguéla Waterfalls, La Guinguette, La Mare aux Poissons Sacrés de Dafra, Manega Museum, Moro-Naba Palace, Musée Provincial du Houët, National Museum, Pabre, Ranch de Nazinga, Sabou, Sindou Rock Formations, and the Snake Museum. Other than this, some of the famous festivals that are celebrated in the country include Festival des Masques et des Arts, Festival International de la Culture Hip Hop, Festival Jazz, Festival Panafricain du Cinéma, and the Semaine Nationale de la Culture.

The country has delicious food so don’t forget to try out the Alloco, Beaufort, Beignets ,Bisap Yamoku, Brakina, Brochettes, Dolo, FuFu,Gateau, Haricots verts, Petits pois,Porc au four,Ragout d'Igname, Riz Gras, Riz Sauce or Riz Tomate, Salade, Soupe,Tô , and the Toédo. Now that you know the location and the places to visit in Burkina Faso, don’t forget to visit the country during your next vacation.