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Where is Cameroon?

If you're thinking Cameroon isn't a place worth visiting, you have to think again. Lying on the Gulf of Guinea in Central Africa towards the western part, this is where is Cameroon. It borders with Chad, Nigeria, Gabon, the Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, and the Republic of Congo. Cameroon's coastline runs for 402 km in the west along the Bight of Biafra, which is part of the Gulf of Guiana. Its capital is Yaounde.

Whether you like adventuring on mountainous hiking trails or exploring the wild greens, Cameroon, with a population of 23 million is welcoming to its visitors. So let's find out all about the places to visit in Cameroon that make any tourist’s stay exciting:

Visit the Ring Road, which means "grasslands" and you will find yourself mesmerized with its mountain peaks and red and yellow valley. It’s a good place to explore village life with many villages spread across the land and activities like cycling and hiking, which are an exhilarating experience in its rough atmosphere.

Cameroon is also home to the second oldest and most beautiful botanical garden on the continent, The Wildlife Center. You can explore incredible flowers and various other species of plants. A few miles to the botanical garden is the Batoke village, which is home to a volcano and there are beaches to explore as well if you're looking for a place to relax.

The highest mountain peak in the region is that of Mount Cameroon which rests 400 meters above sea level. Climbing it can be a tough hike but when you do, it can prove to an experience worth remembering with exotic views all around to enjoy. Keep in mind that it can take about three days to climb this mountain.

If you're looking to learn some history about the region, head over to Foumban where The Sultan's Palace is a sight worth seeing. It features beautiful artwork from days bygone and many historic relics in its museum. You can also shop around for some handicraft to take back home from the Village des Artisans.

Towards the north of the country lie the Mandara Mountains in Maroubra, which is another good exploration site. It is known for its vast and beautiful landscape with a grand mosque and market in the city to explore as well. The city is an entryway to Chad or Nigeria.

If you were wondering where to hit the beach in Cameroon, then behold the crystal clear waters of Kribi and Ebodje. Just outside the town of Kribi is also a stunning waterfall, The Chutes de La Lobe. You can also explore a turtle conservation center in Ebodje and if you are up for some canopy walks and hiking amidst wildlife and lush green jungles, then Parc National de Campo is the place to visit.

With so many places to visit in Cameroon, it should definitely be your next vacation spot. Just don’t forget where is Cameroon!