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Where is Chile?

Chile may be just a long stretch of land with 17 million inhabitants, but it does not cease to amaze. From the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places, to snow capped mountains and ancient forests, it not only attracts nature travelers but has plenty of other activities to indulge in as well. But where is Chile? Chile lies along the southwestern coast of South America, stretching more than 2600 miles. It is only 109 miles wide.

Therefore, whether you are planning to explore some natural history or want some adventurous activities and vibrant nightlife on your next trip, Chile is the place to plan for. There are many top attractions that are a must visit while touring Chile, but some of the places to visit in Chile are:

Easter Island: Located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, it is one of the most isolated islands on Earth. It lies many miles off coast, almost halfway to Tahiti but is officially part of Chile. Here, you will find 887 exotic monumental statues known as Moai, made centuries ago by the people of Rapanui. You can also find diving and surfing activities on the island along with many sandy beaches to relax at.

Torres del Paine: In the far south of Patagonian Chile, you will find a national park by the name of Torres del Paine which features lakes, glaciers and mountains. It offers scenic natural views and without knowing, you will have reached the end of world. The best time to visit is during December and March when the three Towers of Paine are visible, which are giant peaks created by the force of glacial ice.

Atacama Desert: Atacama Desert is an ethereal landscape of serrated mountains and volcanoes. Witnessing a sunset in this desert will be an unforgettable experience. Located in the Atacama Desert is also the Valle de la Luna meaning "Valley of the moon". Centuries of floods and winds has formed sand dunes in the region, which look like the surface of the moon.
Portillo: From mid June to mid October, Portillo is the place to be if you're a skiing fan and visiting Chile.

From ski schools to 23 trails, you will have the time of your life skiing and snowboarding at the popular ski resort, which lies at an elevation of 11,000 feet. Whether you are history buff or just looking for fun, places to visit in Chile are endless, attracting all kinds of tourists. So now that you know where is Chile, pin it on your map as your next travel vacation spot.