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Where is Christmas Island?

Christmas Island seems like a made up name, for which reason, asking where is Christmas Island is a valid question. Christmas Island lies in the Indian Ocean and is part of the Australian territory. It lies nearly 1600 miles north of Perth and is accessible from the south of Java at a distance of 300 miles.

You will find very few airlines to take you to this island. Other means to access it include a private yacht or a charter boat from Indonesia. It is named so because it was founded on Christmas Day. However, if you are adamant to reach it, you will find that it’s one of the best and most exotic islands to set foot on. It has a population of 2072 residents who live on the northern tip of the island known as Flying Fish Cove. Now, you know where is Christmas Island and that it's real, so let's look at the places to visit in Christmas Island.

Every winter, approximately 120 million bright red critters swarm the beaches of this island to spawn and mate which is one of the most stunning views you will ever witness. However, this isn't the only reason to sail here. There is the Dolly Beach, one of the most beautiful and tourist friendly beaches where you can laze around on the sand, sunbathe, and enjoy the clear blue waters.

If you tire of the beach, head over to the Christmas Island Marine Park, which has many unspoiled marine wildlife waiting to be explored. It is the best place for diving and snorkeling and you can spot wildlife including butterfly fish, gobies, surgeonfish, and wrasse.

With 63 percent of Christmas Island being a national park, you can easily go hiking and explore the trails, such as The Dales Hiking Trail. If you love fishing, you can also get lucky and catch a wahoo, tuna or sailfish offshore. There is also the Christmas Island Golf Course where you can play nine holes for only $10. What more could you want? With a relatively less crowded beach, it has about 15 properties where you can make a booking to stay through the Christmas Island Tourism Association.

There are many events that also take place on the Christmas Island such as the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri or the Deepavali. Celebrations for the Christmas and New Year take place each year as well. Now that you know about the many places to visit in Christmas Island, it should be a must visit on your list.