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Where is Cyprus?

Where is Cyprus? The island is located right in the middle of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and is about 113 km south of Turkey. It is also about 120 km or 75 miles west of Syria’s coastline. Cyprus is considered to be one of the prime vacation destinations in Europe because of its amazing weather which is attributed to its location in the Mediterranean. The point is actually a crossroad for three main continents, Africa, Europe and Asia, which is also the main reason why the island was so attractive to conquerors in the past. It is the 3rd biggest island in the Mediterranean after Sardinia and Sicily boasting a total land mass of more than 9,000 square kilometers.

Some of the countries surrounding the island include Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel and Greece. Cyprus is also divided into two parts, the southern part which is populated by Greek Cypriots and the northern part which is occupied by the Turkish. The former covers over 70% of the island besides being a part of the EU and the remaining part of the island is dominated by the latter. Nicosia, which is the capital of the island, is also one of its largest cities besides Paphos, Lamaca and Limassol among others. These are just some of the places to visit in Cyprus though.

Boasting some of the cleanest beaches in Europe, most of Cyprus’s tourist industry relies on the visitors who come specifically to enjoy themselves there. Most eastern resorts such as Ayia Napa are mostly empty during the winter months but the west side of Cyprus remains open to visitors by introducing specialized sports such as tennis and golf. If you want to see places to visit in Cyprus in their full splendor, then your best bet would be to plan a vacation there during the summer months.

Most of the locals speak English fluently but you can also find those who speak Turkish and Greek well besides French. You will not be disappointed with the transport options available either. Cyprus offers 4 types of bus services that can take you around the island without a hitch. The Transurban bus links all of the towns and follows frequent routes on a daily basis. The rural buses link all of the villages with cities near them but they run either once or at most twice daily but not on Sundays. Urban buses link different parts of the cities and run throughout the day on a frequent basis and there are also buses available for airport transfers. If you have more than ‘where is Cyprus’ in your travel plans, then your trip will be an enjoyable one.