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Where is Estonia?

Where is Estonia geographically? Bordered by the Gulf-of-Finland in the north, and hugged by the Baltic Sea from the west, Estonia is a beautiful and historically rich country located peacefully in the Baltic region in Northern Europe. The country spans over 45,339 square kilometers. It has a diverse landscape featuring a mainland and approximately 2,222 islets and islands. To the south of Estonia lies the Republic of Latvia while it is bordered by Russia and Lake Peipus to the east.

It has about 15 counties and the largest city and capital of Estonia is Tallinn. Estonia boasts a population of 1.3 million habitats. Economically, it is very stable. It is a developed country with both a high income economy and living standards.
If you’re wondering where is Estonia historically and culturally, then let us tell you that the country has a history dating back to the Viking age. The country preserves several historical sites and ruins for tourists to explore. On the other hand, the culture of Estonia is very diverse and rich. In other words, it can be said that Estonia comprises of an indigenous heritage with mainstream European and Nordic cultural aspects. Besides this, the local culture has also been influenced by the Slavic and Germans living in the neighboring areas. Its diverse cultural and historic heritage makes it one of the most-sought after places among tourists.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations and places to visit in Estonia are Saint Martin’s Valjala church, located on the Saaremaa Island in Estonia. This is said to be the oldest church in Estonia. It is a fortress like church. Its façade is decorated beautifully with blind arches and sculpted magnificently. The walls of the church are massive, depicting quality workmanship of highly skilled master builders from the 13th century.

Other popular places to visit in Estonia are Toomemägi and the Pärnu Beach. Toomemägi is a historic heritage site located in the Old Town of Estonia’s city Tartu. It makes a great tourist spot as it encompasses a large variety of sculptures and buildings with breathtaking architectural work from the ancient times. It also includes the ruins of the famous Gothic Cathedral that was originally constructed in the 13th century by German Knights.

For those seeking fun and a great time with friends and family, especially with kids, Pärnu Beach is a must visit. Pärnu is a city in south west Estonia. It is a historical and scenic seaside resort city. The city’s main drawcard is its wide and sandy beach. Pärnu Beach provides tourists a wide variety of recreational activities to enjoy and plenty of eateries to treat their taste buds with Estonian delicacies.