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Where is Finland?

Finland is a Nordic country and it’s officially known as the Republic of Finland. If you want to know exactly where is Finland, it is present in northern Europe. It’s a peninsula with the famous Gulf of Finland present in its south and the Gulf of Bothnia present in its west. The countries Norway and Sudan are present in its north and Russia is present in its east.

Finland also happens to be a part of the Fennoscandia geographical region which also includes certain parts of Russia and Scandinavia. Finland is the eighth largest European country in terms of area, and the most thinly populated country of the European Union. Finland lies between longitudes 20° and 32° E, and latitudes 60° and 70° N.

Many tourists ask where is Finland in terms of natural beauty and landscapes? Finland is a breathtaking country which contains about 179,000 islands and 188,000 lakes. The area that has the highest number of lakes is known as the Finnish Lakeland. Meanwhile, the highest number of islands is present in the southwest region in the Archipelago Sea between the main island of Aland and continental Finland.

There are many amazing places to visit in Finland. But some of the most breathtaking places to visit in Finland are its heavenly rolling hills and thick pine forests which are beautifully complimented with a number of lakes and inlets. Finland contains a total of 37 national parks which are present from the southern shores of the famous Gulf of Finland to the region of high fells of Lapland.

The commercial cruises which are available between major coastal cities and port cities of the Baltic region play an essential role in the country’s rising tourism. The country is famous for its ‘polar night’ during the midwinter. Polar night is a period in which there’s no rising of the sun for days or weeks or sometimes, even months! Correspondingly, there’s also ‘midnight’ in the summer, with no sunset for long periods of time.

Finland offers a great variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, golfing, Nordic skiing, yachting, hiking, lake cruises, kayaking and many more. There’s also abundant wildlife in Finland. Bird-watching is highly popular among tourists, especially those who are fond of avifauna. The common games of Finland are elk and hare. Finland also hosts the popular annual Savonlinna Opera Festival. Hence, Finland is a must-visit destination owing to its exciting outdoor activities and beautiful landscape.