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Where is Gambia?

Where is Gambia? Gambia is a West African country situated on either side of the Gambia River and located above Guinea-Bissau. However, it completely shares its northern, eastern, and southern borders with Senegal. In a way, it is studded within Senegal itself, leaving only its western borders open into the Atlantic Ocean, allowing the River Gambia to flow and froth into the vast ocean.

Additionally, the Kunta Kinteh Island, historically known as a slave center and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, rises at the mouth of the river near the city of Juffure. It is considered part of the Gambia territory and is one of the places to visit in Gambia.

Where is Gambia in history? Gambia was an important colony for emerging European Empires during the slave trade, playing a key role for the Portuguese, primarily because the highly navigable River Gambia. It later became part of the British colony and was incorporated as the Province of Senegambia in 1765. The country gained independence in 1965 as The Gambia. Here are the best places to visit in Gambia:

Albert Market
Dating back to the 19th century, the Albert Market is the cacophony of Banjul’s life and has been Gambia’s hub of economic activity since its inception. The environment of frenzied bargaining, bartering, and buying is intoxicating and the market is dotted with a stunning range of stalls and shops.

Bijilo Forest Park
A small, serene and exotic community forest and reserve, the Bijilo Park takes you through the breathtaking beauty of gallery forests and lush vegetation towards the dunes. The path through the amazing scenery is a 4.5 km walk along a series of well-maintained trails allowing you to see a highly diverse wildlife.

Kachikally Crocodile Pool
Renowned as a sacred site where women having difficulty conceiving come to pray, it’s renown and sacredness stems from the Gambian culture where crocodiles represent and have the power of bestowing fertility.

Wassu Stone Circles
Imagine an African Stonehenge: a circle stones, each weighing over a ton and rising no more than 2.5 meter each. The stone circles are believed to be the burial sites dating back 1200 years.

African Living Art Centre
Lively year round and infused by Gambia’s contemporary art, the Art Center is the hub of activities ranging from exhibitions and workshops in the antique gallery to a garden and lounge café.

Ngala Lodge
Renowned as the top address for scrumptious food and great customer care, the chain of restaurants offers impeccable sea-view setting and great service.