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Where is Gibraltar?

Where is Gibraltar? Jutting from the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, piercing the Mediterranean as it flows towards the North Atlantic with a total area of 6.7 square kilometers, Gibraltar is a country located to the southeast of Spain. It shares its northern border with the province of Cádiz in Andalusia, and has gained renown for the Rock of Gibraltar.

Where is Gibraltar in history? Originally part of Spanish empire, Gibraltar was captured by the Anglo-Dutch forces during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1704; only to be ceded to Britain in 1713. Playing an important role during World War II, Gibraltar remains an important overseas territory of United Kingdom. So, what are the best places to visit in Gibraltar? The top attractions include:

The Rock
Home to the tailless Barbary macaques and over 600 species of plants, “The Rock” — a 426 m high limestone ridge — is one of the most dramatic landforms in southern Europe. The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that it was the second pillar of Hercules that marked one of the ends of the old world, Morocco’s “Jebel Musa” being the second one.

Upper Rock Nature Reserve
The nature reserve covers most of the upper sections and your entry allows you additional admission to the Ape’s Den, the Military Heritage Center, the 100-ton gun, the Moorish Castle, and the Great Siege Tunnels.

Mediterranean Steps
Offering stupendous views of the horizon and the migrating birds, this narrow, ancient path spans nearly 1.5 km. Comprising of steep steps hewn directly into limestone, it directly leads to the Highest Point (426 m), one of the “must see” places to visit in Gibraltar.

Botanic Gardens
Splendidly scenic, the La Alameda Gardens is a great public place for time away from the busy attraction on the island. Located near the Southport Gates, at the end of the Main Street, the garden offers an array of luxuriant subtropical vegetation dating back to 1816. Deep within, you will find an open-air theater that regularly hosts musical and cultural events as well as a small zoo housing animals that cannot be returned to the wild.

St. Michael's Cave
Magnificently dotted with an array of stalagmites and stalactites, the legendary St Michael’s Cave is the largest of Gibraltar’s 150 caves. The Upper Hall, the largest area of the cave is connected through multiple passages and smaller yet equally breathtaking chambers. Make the experience unforgettable by enjoying a concert in the natural underground concert hall with performances including music, drama, and ballet.