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Where is Grenada?

Where is Grenada? Ever heard of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea? It’s a cluster of beautiful islands, both large and small. Grenada is located at the southwest of the Grenadines, forming an island country comprising of the island of Grenada itself and six smaller islands. The other six include the Diamond Island, Frigate Island, Saline Island, Caille Island, Ronde Island, and Large Island.

Covering an area of 344 square kilometers, you can easily locate Grenada to the northeast of Venezuela, the southwest of the Grenadines and Saint Vincent, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, and to the northwest of Trinidad and Tobago. Where is Grenada historically? Known as the “Island of Spice”, Grenada gained renown because of the production of mace crops and the nutmeg fruit. The country has been attracting the attention of both the French and British empires, becoming a colony of France (1649 to 1763) and then the British (1763 to 1974), and then earning independence and becoming part of the Federation of West Indies.

Now, as an island country, Grenada offers various destinations for relaxation and adventure. Some of the places to visit in Grenada include the following:

The Carriacou
If you are looking for the Caribbean life, the way it used to be a hundred years ago, relaxed and laid-back, then you have to get to the Carriacou!

Once you’re in Carriacou, don’t forget to allow the serene tranquility to wash over you to fully experience the relaxing and nurturing Caribbean lifestyle of the olden days. Visit Hillsborough here as well!

St George's
Arguably the most picturesque town in the Caribbean, the place is dotted with handsome buildings, making your walk to the Carenage harbor one serene experience.

Grand Anse
The best beach on the island, the Grand Anse is lined with an assortment of low-rise resorts. Escape the Caribbean hustle and bustle by taking the dirt road off to the Spice Island Beach Resort!

Grand Etang Road
Set yourself on a mega marathon of places to visit in Grenada by taking the Grand Etang Road. It shoots across the island’s spine and through the overhung rainforests, leading you right to the misty, mountainous center of the island for an exquisite experience at the Grand Etang National Park. Elevated to 1900 ft, the National Park is a wonderland of natural beauty offering visitors various hiking trails.

Point Salines & True Blue
Noted for its string of lovely beaches, True Blue is located in the relaxed corner of the island, has top-end hotels, and offers a diverse range of amenities. It is readily accessible off the Airport Road.