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Where is Jakarta?

The largest city in Indonesia is also its capital, and Jakarta goes by the official name of Special Capital Region of Jakarta. One intriguing thing about it is that Jakarta is also the country’s province and recognized as one of the world urban agglomerations, which are the most populous.

For anyone who wants to know where is Jakarta, it is located to the northwest coast in Java. It is the cultural, political and economic hub of the country, and the official metropolitan area is recognized to be the second largest found in the world.
This famous city can be found at the latitudes and longitudes of -6.192438, and 106.836448. Being a city of Indonesia, Jakarta is located within the Southeastern Asian region. It is part of the country which is present in the archipelago situated right between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

The time zone is WIB (UTC+7). Jakarta is situated at an estimated height of 16 m above the sea level. The city offers a great cultural experience and a unique lifestyle choice for both tourists and locals. It has the distinction of being recognized as the alpha global city of the 2012 Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network (GaWC research) and also offers some interesting places to visit in Jakarta city as well.

Jakarta is a rapidly growing city with a prosperous skyline, and boasts one of the largest celebrated collections of breathtakingly beautiful skyscrapers to be found in all of the southern hemispheres!Along with an extensive transport network spread throughout the city, it also enjoys the distinction of having the most extensive and very developed bus rapid transit system compared to what is present around the globe. There are 223 stations currently in operation.

For visitors who ask where is Jakarta, the answer is that it is nothing more nor less than the principal gateway which opens out to the rest of the stunning country of Indonesia. Many people from around the world have brought their culture to the city, and it has become a huge and attractive cultural mixing pot. Both locals and tourists get to enjoy exposure to different world languages and dialects, and revel in the traditional customs and cuisine experiences, thus offering rich culture along with some great places to visit in Jakarta.

The city celebrates a number of cultural festivals to preserve the cultural and economic importance of the region, and there are many options for entertainment for both locals and visitors round the year. With museums, delectable cuisine experiences, an economy to be reckoned with, and an infrastructure which leaves nothing to be desired, Jakarta is one city which everyone would want to visit and enjoy in!