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Where is Kingston?

Where is Kingston? The city is the capital of Jamaica and is located on the southeastern coast of the island facing the natural harbor. The harbor is protected by a sand spit that links Port Royal along with the Norman Manley International Airport with Jamaica. Lying south to the United States, the city is considered to be one of the largest English speaking cities in that region.

Kingston shares a border with Saint Andrews in the north, east and west and the border for the parish of Kingston includes the downtown area, Rae Town, Franklyn Town, Bournemouth Gardens, Springfield and other destinations that are tourist magnets year round. Six Miles lies to the west of the city, Stony Hill lies to the north while Harbor View lies to the east. Surrounded by the verdant and breathtaking Blue Mountains, Long Mountain and the Red Hills, Kingston is a little patch of heaven for its residents and tourists who flock to the island for a relaxing vacation.

The city lies on the Liquanea plain, which is an alluvial plain lying alongside the Hope River. It also enjoys tropical climates which are wet to dry at best; the wet season stretches from May to November which also include hurricane season and the dry season stretches between December and April. You will not get to experience much rainfall if you visit during the latter but cold fronts are not rare either. Bring heavy clothing just in case and rain gear if you visit in March. That’s when the rainy season really sets in.

Since Kingston lies in the ‘rain shadow’ of the Blue Mountains, it does not experience the moisture that is carried over by the Northeast Trade Winds that fall over the city. This makes Kingston quite dry most of the year compared to other cities such as Portland which lie to the windward side of those mountains. However, it also makes the perfect destination for tourists who wish to enjoy a rain-free vacation and the various activities on the island.

‘Where is Kingston’ should not be the only question on your mind if you decide to visit it though. This capital of Jamaica is filled with fun opportunities that make it ideal for families and a haven for honeymooners who want complete privacy. The island is quite large so you will not run out of things to do either but it would be a good idea to check which activities would suit your budget before heading there.