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Where is Kuwait?

As one of the biggest oil producing countries in the world, Kuwait occupies a strong political and economic position in the GCC and the rest of the world. Its tourism industry is growing rapidly as a result, offering tourists plenty of landmarks and places to visit to experience the extraordinary heritage shrouded in thousands of years’ worth of Arab culture and tradition. If you want to know where is Kuwait or what the many places to visit in Kuwait are, here is brief article on Kuwait.

Where is Kuwait? Located in the eastern region of the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait is enlisted as one of the world’s smallest countries with respect to land area. It shares borders with both Saudi Arabia and Iran, and comprises of a total of nine islands, each of which are inhabited, with the exception of the Falaika Island. Its currency of Kuwaiti dinar is the world’s most valued currency, and the country is also noted for being ranked as the fourth richest state in the world.

As for tourism, there are many places to visit in Kuwait that can be of immense interest to tourists. Owing to its rich cultural and historical heritage, tourists are accorded with the finest Middle Eastern experience of their lives. If you are thinking about visiting Kuwait in the near future, then here are the top 3 places you need to know about.

Kuwait Towers
Considered the icons of the country, the Kuwait towers are perhaps the most recognized landmarks of Kuwait. The towers are situated close to the city center in Dasman, The Arabian Gulf Street. Each tower has two spheres, and visitors on the topmost sphere of the larger tower can indulge in a restaurant and an observation area, from which they can witness spectacular views of the Kuwait skyline.

Falaika Island
Left ravaged in the Gulf War, the Falaika Island is still an interesting place to visit, owing to the ruins visitors can see from afar. These ruins belong to the age of the Hellenistic Greek and Dilmun civilizations, leaving behind considerable treasures that always seem to captivate the minds of passionate adventure seekers.

Entertainment City
Situated 20 kilometers away from capital, the Entertainment City can best be dubbed as the Middle Eastern version of Disneyland. This is mainly due to the spectacular amusement parks centered on Arab culture and civilization, along with planned international tech worlds.