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Where is Lao People's Democratic Republic?

Tourism doesn’t always have to be about exploring bustling city centers, high-rise buildings, or indulging in expensive and elegant dining and accommodation. Instead, experiencing the joy of nature captivates the mind and enriches the senses in a way only few places can do. One of these places is none other than the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Taking boating trips to the region’s most beautiful rivers or exploring the Buddhist temples and its rich cultural traditions is something you might think about for an adventurous journey with your friends and family members.

So if you don’t know where is Lao People's Democratic Republic or the many places to visit in Lao People's Democratic Republic, here is an article that can offer you many insights. Where is Lao People's Democratic Republic? Also known as Laos, the Lao People's Democratic Republic is a state located in Southeast Asia that borders with China and Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. It has a total area size of 236,800 square kilometers or 91,428,991 square miles, and a population of more than 6,800,000. As of 2005, its demographic profile consisted of more than half of the Lao ethnic group, followed by 11 percent of Khmus, 8 percent of Hmongs, and others, with Buddhism as its official state religion.

There are numerous places to visit in Lao People's Democratic Republic, foremost among which are:

Located 100 kilometers outside Kinshasa, Kisantu is a great place to explore some of the most treasured relics of the colonial era. Among these include the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Sept Douleurs and the Jardin Botanique de Kistantu. Visitors can also enjoy their time in the small history museum, in addition to a restaurant and cactus garden.

Eastern DRC
If you want to go on a more exciting adventure, then step into the seemingly untamed jungle of the DRC. Going deeper into the territory will reveal the large volcanic mountains and lava lakes, something out of an Indiana Jones movie. If you want the best adventurous experience, make sure to explore via the Parc National des Virunga.

Wat Xieng Thong
This is perhaps one of the most magnificent temples in Laos. Built in the 16th century, the temple’s most striking feature is that it has a reclining statue of Buddha from the time it was first constructed. If you want to explore the more spiritual aspects of Laos, the Wat Xieng Thong is definitely worth visiting.