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Where is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a small country located in central Europe and bordered by Belgium, Germany, and France. It is officially known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The citizens of the country are among the wealthiest in the world. However, most of them would say that their real treasures are natural, from the valleys of the Gutland in the south to the Ardennes forest in the north.

Luxembourg is a land landlocked country situated in Western Europe. The country shares border with Germany in the east, Belgium in the west, and France in the south. It is comprised of two principle regions: the Gutland (literally translated as the 'good land') and the Oesling. The former is situated in the central and southern part of Luxembourg, while the latter is located in the north of the country and forms part of the Ardennes.

Luxemburg city is the capital of the country that is a part of several institutions of the EU. It is located in the southern part of Luxembourg at the confluence of the Petrusse and Alzette rivers. The city is situated about 132 miles (213 km) by road from Brussels and 231 miles (372 km) from Paris. Other areas of note in Luxembourg include the Strassen, Hesperange, Sandweiler, Hesperange, Walferdange, and Esch-sur-Alzette.

Now that you know where is Luxembourg located, let's look at what it has to offer to the visitors.
Both German and French are the official languages of Luxembourg, and it is frequently visited by the citizens of neighboring countries where these languages are spoken. Luxembourg's culture represents a fusion of the Germanic and Romanic Europe that reflects its central position in Europe.

Luxembourg has been voted as the safest place to live in Europe by a Mercer worldwide survey conducted in 2011. The country boasts of several fascinating landscapes that are spread over its five regions with a rich historical, cultural, architectural heritage. Some of the attractions of the city have been listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.
The Grand Duchy has the highest density of star restaurants in the world. The world renowned Michelin Guide has awarded 10 Bib Gourmands and 10 stars to a number of restaurants located in Luxembourg.

Apart from satisfying the taste buds, visitors can also satiate their thirst for thrill and adventure when they visit Luxembourg. The country boasts of the highest density of 'Leading Quality Trail' in Europe including the “Mullerthal Trail” and “Escapardenne - Eisleck Trail". Every region in Luxembourg has something to offer to the visitors. From the green valley of the Ardennes to the rock formations of the Mullerthal region, the Land of the Red Rocks to the vineyards along the Moselle River, you will want to visit the place again and again once you have known where is Luxembourg.