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Where is Malaysia?

Where is Malaysia? It lies in Southeast Asia amassing a total area of 329,847 square kilometers. It is separated into two regions of similar size by the South China Sea, Peninsular Malaysia, and East Malaysia. Peninsular Malaysia borders with Thailand through land and sea while it shares its maritime borders with Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia. East Malaysia on the other hand, borders with Brunei and Indonesia through both the land and sea while it shares its maritime border with Vietnam and Philippines. It has a popular of over 30 million, ranking it as the 44th most populous country in the world. Its capital is Kuala Lumpur.

Where is Malaysia historically? It is a multi cultural, multi ethnic country, whose origins lie in the Malay kingdoms, which came under British rule in the 18th century. The first British territories in the region were called Straits Settlements. It was in 1946 that the territories on the Peninsular Malaysia were first unified together as the Malayan Union. It achieved independence in 1957.

From exploring the hills of Kuala Lumpur to enjoying the rich history of the region and getting lost in the caves, there is much to do in Malaysia. Among the many places to visit in Malaysia; start by exploring the Batang Rejang River, which leads to the tribal heartland of Borneo. Here, you can visit longhouse homes and learn of centuries’ old traditions. North of Kuala Lumpur, at a distance of 13 km, are the stunning Batu Caves which are dripping with stalactites and turned into Hindu shrines. Millions of devotees flock here each year and parade through the chambers during the Thaipusam festival.

For nature lovers, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia is a short train ride from the centre of Kuala Lumpur. It has walking trails, jungle swimming holes, and a long rainforest boardwalk about 200 m long. Some of the more interesting places to visit in Malaysia are the Cameron Highlands with some great trekking and tea tasting on the hill station. The Gunung Mulu National Park is a World Heritage Site that used to be haunt of headhunting tribes.

You can explore the headhunter's trails or climb the razor sharp limestone; four caves are open to the public. Malaysia is home to some of the most impressive and beautiful mosques as well, such as the Ubudiah Mosque, Kuala Kangsar, the Tranquerah Mosque, the State Mosque in Seremban and the Sarawak State Mosque, which is one of the oldest.