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Where is Marseille?

When it comes to France, everyone knows about Paris. However, France’s second largest-city named Marseille (Marseilles in English) is no city to be ignored. Given the city’s strategic location and fledgling tourism industry, it is no surprise as to where is Marseille today and what it has achieved.

The city lies on the southern coast of France. Towards the east, the city is bordered by a rugged coastal area called the Calanques - which spreads from the small fishing village of Callelongue to the edge of Cassis. The Sainte-Baume mountain ridge lies on the eastern border of the city.

The northern end of Marseille is bordered by the French Riviera and the city of Toulon. This is also where the Etoile mountain ranges and the Mount Sainte Victoire are located. The former colony of artists (l’Estaque), Cote Bleue and the Gulf of Lion, lie towards the western border. Marseille has often been dubbed as the arts and culture republic of France. It offers several tourist attractions and is crowded with visitors all-year round. This makes trade and tourism two of the highest revenue-generating activities of the city.

Vieux Port is the oldest part in the city. Several large forts were built around the port to keep the city safe from attacks. Towards the southern end, the Abbaye St. Victor is the spiritual hub of the city - with one of the largest places of worship in southern France. Climbing a small hill to the north of the old port will lead you to the La Panier. This was the area first settled by the ancient Greek immigrants. La Vieille Charite towers at the top. This astonishing 17th century pride of France is a home to two of the largest museums in Marseille.

Hop on board the Grand Tour to take a cursory tour of the city. The bus takes you around the Cornice and up to the hill at the Notre Dame de la Garde. The ending point is a large Virgin-and-Child statue that sits atop th hill. Make sure to visit the crypts of Romano-Byzantine leaders and brush up on your knowledge of French history. There’s also another reason why people keep wondering: where is Marseille? The city has several islands surrounding it. The most famous of them all is the prison island of If, which was the inspiration for the Count of Monte Cristo tale. Pomegeus and Ratonneau are other notable islands that are definitely worth exploring and enjoying.

Abbey of St Victor

Abbey of St. Victor

Marseille is home to some truly amazing places in France and one of them is the Abbey of St. Victor, Marseille. It is a late monastic foundation, which has been named after Victor of Marseilles, who was a local solider saint and martyr. It was ...

Fort Saint Jean

Fort Saint-Jean

There are many amazing places in Marseille and one of the most recommended places to check out in the city is Fort Saint-Jean. This fort was built in 1660 by Louis XIV, right at the entry point of the Old Fort, and was recently linked with 2 ...

Notre Dame de la Garde

Notre-Dame de la Garde

Marseille is home to some amazing attractions and sites, and the Notre-Dame de la Garde, is one of the most popular one of them all. It is a Neo-Byzantine Church, which is located right at the very top of a fort with limestone outcrop that is also ...

Old Port of Marseille

Old Port of Marseille

France has got lots of amazing places to visit, and the city of Marseille is home to some of the most iconic landmarks and sites in the country. One of the must visit places in Marseille is the Old Port of Marseille, which is the harbor of ...

Palais Longchamp

Palais Longchamp

Marseille has many amazing places to visit and one of the leading one is Palais Longchamp, which has got the natural history museum as well as the musee des beaux-arts of the city. It had been built in order to celebrate the building of the Canal ...

Cathedral de la Major

Cathedral de la Major

The Cathedral de la Major is known as the Marseille Cathedral. The Cathedral is a national monument in France and it is located in the Marseille area of France. It is also the basilica minor even since the 19th century. The Cathedral has ...