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Where is Mauritania?

Where is Mauritania? Mauritania is a country that is situated in the northwestern part of Africa. It shares a border with Morocco to the north, Algeria to the northeast, Mali to the east and southeast, and Senegal to the southwest. Atlantic Ocean lies to the west of the area. The geography of the country features flat and arid plains with occasional cliffs and ridges. It is divided into 15 regions for administrative purposes that are further subdivided into 4 departments. The area contains a series of scarps that face southwest and bisect the plains in the center of the country.

These scarps divide sandstone plateaus located in the region with the highest being the Adrar Plateau. Near the base of the scarps are located spring-fed oases that serve as one of the most interesting places to visit in Mauritania.
A number of isolated peaks rise high above the plateaus. The highest peak is the Kediet ej Jill that is located near the city of Zouîrât. Concentric structures known as the Guelb er Richat are also a prominent feature of the area.
About three quarters of the country is semi desert or desert making it a great spot for desert safaris. Sand dunes (ergs) and clayey plains (regs) that are moved by high winds are located to the west of the region between the plateaus and the ocean. The sand dunes increase in mobility and size as you go north of the country.

Adrar region is a scenic tourist attraction in Mauritania containing green oasis, epic sand dunes, and plateaus. Tagânt is another great place of interest in the country that contains various towns such as Oualâta, Ouadâne, and Chinguetti that are listed as World Heritage site. Parc National du Banc d'Arguin is another great place to visit in the African country as it attracts large number of migratory birds making it a renowned bird watching site.

Mauritania is a class apart from its neighboring countries when it comes to tourist attractions. You can find several interesting and historic places to visit in Mauritania. Where is Mauritania when it comes to culture? The culture of the region represents a striking mixture of the Berbers of Arab descent and the Africans. This increases the appeal of the region especially for foreign tourists. No one is in a rush when visiting Mauritania and neither should you. If you try to breeze through the vacation, you will certainly miss out on the wonderful attractions present in the country.