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Where is Mauritius?

Where is Mauritius? Officially known as the Republic of Mauritius, it is an island nation which lies in the Indian Ocean and about 2000 kilometers from the southeast coast of Africa. Besides Mauritius the country includes Rodrigues, which lies 350 miles to the east and other outer islands. Both islands form part of the Mascarene Islands and the capital as well as the largest city is Port Louis.

Like most islands in that part of the world, Mauritius enjoys tropical weather and is known for its lush greenery and colorful flora throughout the year. There is no specific rainy season per se or extreme weather conditions, making the island one of the most coveted tourist destinations. The climate is actually very pleasant and ensures almost perfect holidays year round.

In other words you can decide to come to Mauritius almost any day of the year and ensure a comfortable tour during your stay. The island is not far from Capricorn, so the sun is at its zenith longer than any other tropical destination. This is also one of the reasons why the island enjoys tropical weather year round as well as bright sunny skies.

Rain is sporadic and since Mauritius has a micro climate, it might be raining in one area and not the other. Even if it does drizzle during the early parts of the morning, it abates by evening and the weather can change very quickly making way for blue skies and cool breezes. This is perfect weather to enjoy a day at the turquoise lagoons and white beaches of the island.

The island only has two seasons; the months between November and April make up summer and the ones between May and October make up chilly winter. However, there are no clear differences in temperature between the two seasons so you can pretty much wear anything during both. Of course, it would be a good idea to bundle up a bit during the winter.

October and May are the transitional months when winter is giving way to summer and mostly on the coast. Get ready to deal with a lot of humidity during the hotter months but on the coastal part of the island. Where Mauritius is basically makes up its weather system. The sea temperatures are higher during summers and drop during winters. So if you want to have a memorable trip, pack wisely.