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Where is Nauru?

Where is Nauru? It is an island that is located in the South Pacific Ocean, and is known to be the smallest independent republic in the world. Nauru is known for its phosphate deposit that was discovered by the German and the British back in the 20th century. The island was occupied by Australia during the First World War, and became its dependent territory and finally got independence in 1968. The climate of the place can be classified as tropical, and the island receives a lot of rainfall from November till February.

The terrain of Nauru consists of one lagoon, coral reefs, and sandy beaches. Now that you know where is Nauru, you should learn the different means through which you can get to the place. In order to enter the island, everyone should have a valid passport, a tourist visa, and proof of booking a local hotel. You can catch a plane and land at the Nauru International Airport. The Nauru Airlines operates from Brisbane, Kosrae, Majuro, Nadi, Pohnpei, and Tarawa. Since the island is really small, you can travel on foot, catch a community bus, or rent a car or a bicycle.

Some of the places to visit in Nauru include Anibare Bay, Barrier Reef, Buada Lagoon, Central Plateau, Command Ridge, Linkbelt Oval stadium Menen, Moqua Well and Moqua Caves, and Yaren. The Anibare Bay consists of tropical beaches, whereas the Buada Lagoon is a lagoon that is surrounded by lush vegetation and palm trees. In order to get to the place, you should take the road that is opposite of the Od-N-Aiwo hotel, follow it until it turns left and then go straight until you reach the place.

Some of the activities that you can enjoy in Nauru include walking through the island and exploring its natural beauty. If you are fond of history, then you can go to Yaren and explore the large variety of World War II relics there. Other adventurous activities involve climbing the Command Ridge, fishing, and swimming in the Anibore Harbour. If you are looking for accommodation, then Aiwo Hotel and the Menen Hotel are recommended. Now that you know the exact location and the places to visit in Nauru, it is recommended that you visit the place during your net vacation as you will surely love your stay there.