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Where is North Korea?

If you ever wondered where is North Korea, then you need to visit the small peninsula in East Asia. Bordering with Russia, South Korea, and China, North Korea is a location famous for its picturesque mountain, hills, and valleys, so much so that it accounts for almost 80 percent of the entire land. It is also surrounded by Korea Bay and Yellow Sea on the west and Sea of Japan on the east. If you always wanted to where is North Korea and the many places to visit in North Korea, this article is for you.

North Korea has a total area size of 120,540 square kilometers, or 46,528 square miles. Population of the country is estimated to account for more than 25,000,000, the majority of which live in lowlands and plains. Apart from small ethnic groups, the demographic profile of North Korea is usually ethnically homogenous. Its population growth has been decreasing owing to late marriages, scarce housing space, and long working hours. As a matter of fact, two-thirds of the North Korean population lives in two-room housing units.

As for the role of religion, North Korea is primarily an atheist state. While the people are constitutionally guaranteed the freedom of religion, any form of public religious display is strictly prohibited. More than 60 percent of the population follows the Juche ideology, more than 15 percent are followers of the Korean shamanism, along with fewer practitioners of Buddhism, Chondoism, and Christianity.

In terms of North Korea’s economic profile, it has largely remained a centralized economy for more than 7 decades. It has a heavy industrialized economy, which contributes to almost half of its Gross Domestic Product. Among the many industries of North Korea include chemicals, machine building, metallurgy, textiles, military equipment, and food processing. In addition, education and healthcare is provided free of charge to the citizens, while housing and food are subsidized by the government.

Tourism is also a growing industry in North Korea, owing to its oceanic climate and beautiful country scenery. There are many places to visit in North Korea, such as the Tower of Juche Idea, Kim Il-sung Square, Koryo Museum, Chollima Statue, and The Pyongyang Metro, among other places.The Tower of Juche Idea, for instance, is a stone landmark that emboldens the ideas and values of Kim II-Sung. The landmark espouses the concepts of nationalism, self-reliance, and autarky.
In addition to these locations, North Korea also features the National Treasures of North Korea, which consist of more than 190 historical landmarks and monuments of national importance.