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Where is Pitcairn Islands?

If you are wondering where is Pitcairn Islands, know that it is located on the South Pacific, which is at a very remote location. The Islands are a British Colony and is one of the places that have been given an ISO country code (PN) despite the sparse population. Pitcairn were initially inhabited by Polynesian people during the earlier centuries, but was frequently visited by explorers from Britain and France.

The Islands were properly inhabited by the mutineers of the Royal Navy ship and their companions under the leadership of Fletcher Christian in 1790. The area where they burned their ship is now known as Bounty Bay. The island was rediscovered by the British and became their colony in 1838.

The main regions of the Islands consist of Ducie Island, Henderson Island, Oeno Island, and the Sandy Island, where the main settlement is in Adamstown. The climate of the islands can be classified as tropical and humid, where the mean temperature during the summers is 30°C and 16°C during the winters. The islands experience frequent typhoons from November till March.

Now that you know where is Pitcairn Islands, you should understand the topography, as all the islands have different terrains. The Pitcairn Island is very steep and has a peak that is 1,106 ft tall. The Henderson has beautiful coral formations and caves that you can visit. Other than this, Oeno is a flat island that has a lagoon, a reef, beaches, and beautiful palm trees, whereas Ducie has a circular reef and is an excellent place for bird watching.

It is extremely hard to get to the Pitcairn Islands due to its remoteness. You can travel by air, but the nearest airport in 330 miles away in the Gambier Islands. However, you can catch a charter plane from there. Other option includes travelling by boat, as you can easily travel from French Polynesia, and even New Zealand. In order to get around in the islands you can rent a motorbike or travel on foot.

Some of the places to visit in Pitcairn islands include remains in Bounty Bay, museum in Adamstown, Acadia Island, Down Rope, Fletcher Christian's cave, Garnet's Ridge, Gudgeon, Henderson Island, St. Paul's Pool, Taro Ground, and the grave of John Adams. Some the activities that you can enjoy in the islands include bird watching, scuba diving, swimming, and snorkeling. Now that you know the location and the places to visit in Pitcairn islands, make sure you consider the place for your next vacations.