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Where is Saint Pierre and Miquelon?

Where is Saint Pierre and Miquelon? The group of islands lies about 4,000 km from France and is situated near Canada. It can be called a French territory in every way possible even though it is nowhere near the country. The names of the buildings, flag, dialects and cuisine are all inspired by the French and the people are also French or Basque, Normand or Acadian, which are different parts of France. This is one of the main reasons why the islands are affectionately called the French destination in North America.

The places to visit in Saint Pierre and Miquelon are known for offering panoramic views, fresh air, hospitable people and a complex history making the sites a prime holiday destination for North Americans. It is located right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and is also close to Newfoundland. The Euro is the predominant currency on the island but several businesses also accept Canadian and US dollars.

The most populated of the two is St Pierre which is also the most developed with more residents compared to Miquelon. The latter is 45 km away and is not visited as much. It is home to a village which is centered on the church and is located at the north side of the island. There is also a walking trail that leads straight to a waterfall and lookout. There is also a bridge in the town which boasts a scenic 25 km long road that winds through the wild island that is Langlade.

If you are lucky you might also catch a glimpse of some magnificent wild horses and some seals around the rocky coast. An abandoned village called Ile aux Marins is located on an island way out in the harbor but you will have to hire a bilingual guide to take you there. He will guide you through the colorful homes, the small schoolhouse and the grand church which dates back to 1874. You can choose to visit these places to visit in Saint Pierre and Miquelon solo but since most of the signs are in French, it would be wiser to hire a guide.
So where is Saint Pierre and Miquelon in your travel plans this year? If you love all things French, know the language, and want a unique glimpse of its history, then the islands are a must visit.