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Where is Serbia?

Where is Serbia? It is located in the Balkans and has Bosnia and Herzegovina on the west, Bulgaria on the southeast, Croatia on the northwest, Hungary on the north, Macedonia and Albania on the south, Montenegro on the south, and Romania on the northeast. The country is also well connected to Turkey. The climate of the place varies according to the region. In the north the climate is continental, the central area is moderate continental, and the south has hot summers and cold winter.

The topography of the place consists of plains on the north and mountains and hills in the south, where the highest point is Đeravica at 2656 m. Serbia has five main regions known as Belgrade, Pomoravlje, Podrinje, Šumadija, and Vojvodina. The main cities are Čačak, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Niš, Novi Sad, Požarevac, Šabac, Sremska, Subotica, Užice, Vranje, Vršac, and Belgrade. Now that you know where is Serbia, you should learn how to get to the place. You can catch a flight and land at the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport or can travel by train, car, bus, or boat.

There is so much to do Serbia. You can go explore the cities and villages and have a look at the architecture and the culture that is inspired by Austrians, Celts, Byzantines, Romans, Serbs, and Turks. Other than this, you can visit the monasteries and archaeological sites like the Kostolac, Gamzigrad, and Felix Romuliana. Some of the historic places that you should checkout include Old Castle, Temple of Saint Sava, the National Museum, and Zemun. The national parks in the country are great and you should definitely visit Fruška Gora and Kopaonik.

When in Serbia, you should eat local as the find there is really good. Some of the recommended local dishes are Ćevapi, Ajvar, Čorbast Pasulj, Gibanica, Gulaš, Kajmak, Kiflice, Paprikaš, Pasulj Prebranac, Pečenje, Pečenje Ispod Sača, Pohovane Paprike,Proja, Punjene Paprike, Riblja čorba, Roštilj, Sarma, and Teleća čorba Some of the places to visit in Serbia are Ada Ciganlija, Avala Tower, Belgrad Military Museum, Church of the Holy Mother of God (Crkva Ruzica), Crkva Svetog Marka, Danube Park, Danube River, Dunavska Street, Festung Kalemegdan, Fruska Gora Monasteries, Gardos - Tower of Sibinjanin Janko,Josip Broz Tito Mausoleum, Knez Mihailova, Muzej Nikole Tesle (Nikola Tesla Museum), Nature Park Mokra Gora, Nis Fortress, Oplenac, Petrovaradin Fortress, Residence of Princess Ljubica, Saint Petka's Chapel, Sirogojno, Skadarlija, St. Michael's Cathedral, St. Sava Temple (Hram Svetog Save), Strand, the Belgrade Fortress, The Clock,Trg Republike, and the Zemunski kej. Now that you know the location and the places to visit in Serbia, makes sure you consider the place for your next vacation.