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Where is Slovenia?

Europe is a continent shrouded in thousands of years worth of history, tradition, and culture. This is enough of a reason why Europe should be one place you should definitely visit for your next holiday adventure. One particular country that can prove to be worth your time is Slovenia.

With its numerous points of attraction and things to do, Slovenia can best be described as the Amazon of Europe. It consists of rich turquoise colored waters and high mountains covered in lush green trees and grass, along with fantastic centuries-old buildings and other architecture. But if you don’t know where is Slovenia or what the many places to visit in Slovenia are, this article will seek to fill you about its location, its basic details, and its many points of attraction.

So where is Slovenia? Located in Central Europe, Slovenia is also known as the Republic of Slovenia. It borders with Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, and has a total area size of 20,723 square kilometers or 7,827 square miles. It has a population size of more than 2 million inhabitants, the vast majority of whom are Slovenes, followed by Serbs, Bosniaks, and Croats. Tourists can enjoy numerous places to visit in Slovenia. Some of these include the following;

This is a highly picturesque resort that is rightly imagined as something out of a fairy tale story. People visit this place in droves to witness the breathtaking views of its lake, along with the small church that is situated on a nearby islet.
Visitors also get to see Bled Castle that reflects elements of gothic subculture. Bled is the place to go to if you are looking to enjoy a more urban lifestyle. In the summer, the weather becomes extremely pleasant to stay outdoors for longer and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Soča valley
THE Soča valley is the place to see the turquoise colored river that goes from Triglav National Park all the way to Nova Gorica. If you are into extreme sports and are looking for thrill, this is an ideal location. Here you go partake in about any physical activity you can imagine from hiking to paragliding, and rafting to horse-riding. You can also enjoy the scenery at the valley at one of the fly-fishing spots.

Škocjan Caves
As a UNESCO world heritage site, this is Europe’s highest cave hall and also an underground system of caves. This is a great place to visit to see some of the most impressive stalactites and stalagmites.