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Where is South Korea?

If you wanted to know about where is South Korea, it is the small state located in the southern region of the Korean Peninsula. It has located with the Yellow Sea on the west coast and the East Sea on the east coast. If you are planning to visit South Korea for a business or family vacation trip and don’t know where is South Korea, then this article will provide details of the many places to visit in South Korea, along with its country and population size.

The small country of South Korea has an area size of 100,210 square kilometers, or 38, 691 square miles, and a total population size of more than 51,500,000 inhabitants, bringing the population per area density to roughly more than 1,308 square miles. Unlike its neighbor North Korea, the freedom of religion plays a more tolerant role in South Korea. While half of the inhabitants subscribe to any religious identity, the remaining are large comprised of Christians and Buddhists, along with Muslims, and followers of Korean Shamanism and Cheondoism.

Tourism is also rife in South Korea, making it a great destination for many visitors, owing to its beautiful natural landscapes, oceanic weather, exquisite gardens, and vibrant cultural places and traditions.
The following are three of some of the many places to visit in South Korea.

Jeju Island
Known as the ‘Hawaii of South Korea’, this is one place you should definitely visit with your friends or family members. It is a paradise in which you view the Hallasan, South Korea’s highest mountain. Going hiking on top of the mountain will give you the opportunity to see incredible and breathtaking panoramic views. If you’re not the the hiking sort of person, you can indulge in the comfortable white sandy beaches at numerous corners, where you can also go on your scuba diving adventures.

Songnisan National Park
If you are looking for the best hiking adventure, then the Songnisan National Park is one is the ideal location for you. The Park is a haven for hikers, who have the privilege of fulfilling their hiking adventures with great joy. If you visit there, you can also find a number of different restaurants and accommodation.

Seoraksan National Park
Situated just outside the Sokcho fishing village, this national park is easily South Korea’s one of the most popular parks. In addition to hiking adventures, you will have the pleasure of indulging in exciting adventures including bunjee jumping, going on ski resorts and sandy beaches, and rafting rivers.