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Where is Tours?

Tours is one of the many cities located in the centre-west of France. Although the city has a low population, it is its achievement in the field of tourism that truly places it apart and redefines where is Tours standing today.
Tours is located towards the lower reaches of the Loire River, in between the Atlantic coast and the Orleans. The city is surrounded by the province of Touraine - which is renowned for its wines and the Battle of Tours. It is also the ending point of the annual Paris-Tours cycling competition.

Tours is primarily a city of cathedrals, monasteries, citadels and other religious and cultural places. The Tours Cathedral is one of the leading cathedrals in France. It dates back to the 12th century and was added as a flamboyant gothic touch in the early 15th century. This gothic façade leaves tourists mesmerized and is of particular interest to all history fans.
Wilson Bridge connects Tours with the banks of Loire. There are several small shops, cafes and restaurants here that specialize in French wining and dining along the bridge. Nearby, there are two small museums in the cellars of Saint-Julien. These exhibit the history of wine making and how the area came into being. This includes all social rituals, customs and traditions associated with the earliest breweries.

Tours is also considered to be the chateau republic of France as it has the highest number of chateaus and estate villas in the country. Many of these large and gothic structures date back to the 15th century - during the glory days of French monarchy. Logis des Gouverneurs is a prime example of the finest masonry work of that time. It includes an array of displays and artifacts that denote French aristocracy. Across the square, you’ll find the Archbishop’s Palace. This place now houses the famous Musee des Beaux-Arts (or the Fine Arts Museum).

Musee du Compagnonnage is another historical landmark. It is the Trade Guild Museum that shows a complete history of local trade guilds - ranging from wood and metal works to textile and bakers. Some of these guilds date back to hundreds of years, while others are relatively new (such as the dental prostheses guild). To top off a long day in Tours, a stroll along the Loire is just what you need. The bridge provides an excellent view of the river, as well as a shortcut to the northern end of the city. This tour will never make you forget the answer to: where is Tours?

Chateau de Tours

Château de Tours

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Marmoutier Abbey

Marmoutier Abbey

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Pont Wilson on the Loire Tours

Pont Wilson on the Loire, Tours

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Tours Cathedral

Tours Cathedral

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Town hall of Tours Hotel de Ville

Town hall of Tours Hotel de Ville

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Basilica of St Martin

Basilica of St. Martin

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